Based in Atlanta, GA, a commercial photographer Jimmy Robinson has the gift of shooting a variety of subjects. He has career experience in shooting portraits, travel, special events, products, group portraits, and industrial photography. He specializes in working with people and loves to shoot environmental portraits. Jimmy has traveled throughout the states on assignment and has captured stunning images overseas. He has published a book on the renowned Morehouse College and was the major contributor to a book on the history of Georgia-Pacific Corporation where he has been the studio manager for over 30 years.

   At the heart of Jimmy’s photography is crafting relationships in which he finds joy in being a part of any photographic project. He enjoys the synergy of working with other creative minds. That extends to the process of conception to completion with clients, art directors, crew and any talent that may be involved. His goal is to provide a product that exceeds the expectation of every client so that client will become a repeat customer.